Wikipedia Viewer 2.0

As I mentioned in a previous post, I completed the Wikipedia Viewer project for freeCodeCamp. I wasn’t entirely happy with it though. I had used the opensearch action, and while I liked the results it came up with- I thought they were quirky and interesting, it wasn’t really what was intended from the project. I … More Wikipedia Viewer 2.0

Life Update!

Just as I claimed I was coming back to working on web development I disappeared again- what gives?! Well, for the second time now I’ve moved halfway across the world, and as great as it is to be able to do that, it’s also a whole lot of work! We’re finally settled in now, and … More Life Update!

Portfolio 2.0

The only portfolio I’ve had up until this point was made as a project for freeCodeCamp.  You can check it out here– but don’t get too excited about it! The requirements of the project were: the ability to see all content by scrolling, links to our social media profiles, thumbnails of completed projects, links to … More Portfolio 2.0