Colour Game Code-Along

The latest part of the Web Development Bootcamp course that I tackled was a really fun code-along project. I’ve talked before about how valuable I’ve been finding these code-alongs, and this project was great because it was so comprehensive. It’s a pretty simple idea: the player is shown an RGB value, and has to click … More Colour Game Code-Along

Portfolio 2.0

The only portfolio I’ve had up until this point was made as a project for freeCodeCamp.  You can check it out here– but don’t get too excited about it! The requirements of the project were: the ability to see all content by scrolling, links to our social media profiles, thumbnails of completed projects, links to … More Portfolio 2.0

JavaScript/jQuery Project

After scratching my head a bit over this project, I managed to finish it! The¬†project in the JavaScript/jQuery section of the Odin Project asks the students to create a sketchpad/Etch-A-Sketch, using JavaScript/jQuery. You need to create a grid (using jQuery/JavaScript, not just html), and when you hover over the squares on the grid they should … More JavaScript/jQuery Project